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After studying Chemistry at University in London and realising it wasn't for me, I chose to follow my passion, which was always business.

I started off in influencer marketing, building & maintaining relationships with the companies network of micro-influencers. After leaving London, I decided to go it alone and started my own company to learn the ropes. Building websites, running social media campaigns & referral competitions, writing content, sourcing materials and processing are all things I had to then do on my own.

My journey has taken me from London to Hong Kong and beyond.

I now spent my time working with e-commerce companies in the health and wellness space, helping them to achieve their goals.

"The best marketers in the world are those who are curious about life, read a great deal, have many hobbies, like to travel, have a variety of interests, often master many skills, get bored and then look for other skills to master. They hunger for experience and knowledge and find other people interesting. They are very good listeners."

- Ryan Dixon... But mostly Joseph Sugarman


Content Marketing

If you want to build brand authority, relationships or nurture customers/prospects then content is ideal to provide value up-front.

Whether B2B or B2C, I have you covered, from creating a content strategy to measuring the ROI of content efforts.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media advertising (Facebook, Instagram) is a great channel to reliably and predictably scale through. With powerful ad customisations, re-targeting and reporting, its no wonder social is one of the largest opportunities for online businesses today.

Digital Strategy

When introducing a new member of staff to what you as a company is all about or remembering your vision. Having a digital strategy in place is your company grounding.

Creating a digital strategy is a crucial part of the journey to achieving goals.

Analytics & Data Management

Analytics and data analysis are two of the most in demand skills in marketing, for good reason. What gets measured, gets managed, and if you aren't measuring then you are guessing.

Analytics are essential to make data driven decisions, from strategy planning to reporting.


"Ryan easily adapted to bootstrapping our project and after some initial background info, he laid out a quant-based plan with a number of different creative strategies including partnerships with educational institutes and collaborative PR campaigns.
This was helpful because we were able to leverage this networks to reach our target audience faster and with a limited budget."

- Elias Arosemena

Social Geek Digital

"Ryan helped me along every step of the way, allowing me to draw out amazing new ideas and working long hours to help me implement them. He really helped me get the best leverage for the book launch, I had no idea I needed. Without him, It wouldn't be what it is today and I wouldn't have reached as many people as I have.
He is talented, passionate and driven... but beyond all, he cares about what he does and that was priceless to work with."
Ehren Steed
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