Hi, I'm Ryan

I am a digital marketing specialist who helps businesses in the health, wellness & fitness space to achieve their marketing goals.

I genuinely love what I do and have had the great fortune to work across 4 continents with some amazing brands.

What I Do...

I help companies in the health and wellness space to get their products into the hands of more people that need them by getting to know their customers intimately, identifying & plugging bottlenecks, and plotting a clear and strategic path towards growth.

Email Automation

& Management

Email marketing is still the primary acquisition and retention channel of 80% of e-commerce SMBs.

If 20-40% of your revenue isn't coming from email marketing, then you definitely have room for improvement!

Let's build and automate your business a personalised outreach plan to take your customers from buyers, all the way to advocates.

Sales Funnel Optimisation

Analytics and data analysis are two of the most in demand skills in marketing, for good reason. What gets measured, gets managed, and if you aren't measuring then you are guessing.

These are essential to make data driven decisions when optimising your sales funnel.

From knowing your customers inside & out, to building & optimising your funnel, we'll have you covered!

Paid Media Management

Social Media advertising (Facebook, Instagram) is a great channel to reliably and predictably scale through. It also goes hand-in-hand with email marketing, creating a 1-2-punch.

With powerful ad customisations, re-targeting and reporting, its no wonder social is one of the largest opportunities for e-commerce businesses today.

Not exactly sure what

you need?

Let’s chat. If I can’t help you, I’ll do my best to connect you with someone who can.

Browse Some Work Of Mine

Supplement Co.*

Email Marketing, Automation & Management


Email Revenue

17x ROI

On Email Spend


New Users

Supplement Co.* is a Californian based functional food & supplement brand who were looking to revamp their marketing strategy to take advantage of their loyal customer base as a means to improve LTV and retention.

I helped revamp their email marketing strategy and within the first 45 days email revenue increased by over 60%. We also saw significant increases in both new & returning customer traffic, as well as subscription re-activations.

*This name has been edited as Supplement Co. has asked for anonymity during their current funding round.

Kind Words From Happy Clients

"Ryan helped me along every step of the way, allowing me to draw out amazing new ideas and working long hours to help me implement them. He really helped me get the best leverage for the book launch, I had no idea I needed. Without him, It wouldn't be what it is today and I wouldn't have reached as many people as I have.
He is talented, passionate and driven... but beyond all, he cares about what he does and that was priceless to work with."

Ehren Steed

InnerPotential Coaching

"Ryan easily adapted to bootstrapping our project and after some initial background info, he laid out a quant-based plan with a number of different creative strategies including partnerships with educational institutes and collaborative PR campaigns.
This was helpful because we were able to leverage this network to reach our target audience faster and with a limited budget."
Elias Arosemena
Scale Up Valley

About Me...

  • Spearheaded a mobile-optimised website redesign.
  • Organised referral contests with prizes up to $25K.
  • Road tripped around Iceland sampling some of their finest pale ales.
  • Torn down and rebuilt e-commerce marketing strategies.
  • Got taught how to juggle dumplings with chopsticks in Northern Laos.

Been flown out to awesome places like California & Hong Kong to work with clients.

  • Scuba dived with manta rays & nudibranch in Komodo National Park in Indonesia.
  • Met some all round awesome people, and some famous ones too, like Kyle Kuzma of the LA Lakers.


Still here?

We should talk.

Not about the fact that you’re here (although that's awesome too), but about how I can help you to smash your marketing goals!

Whether you need to execute a specific campaign, automate parts of your marketing, or want to discuss your e-commerce strategy, I’m here to help.

Drop me a message and tell me about your project...

How does this work...?

Introductory call

We’ll kick things off with an introductory video chat so I can learn more about your business and project.

Scope of work

I’ll dive into your existing data, analytics, and target market insights to build a scope of work tailored to your goals.

Project/Contract start

Once we’re aligned with the scope of work and necessary paperwork, I’ll get started on strategy and deliverables.

Consistent communication

Expect regular (weekly) communication from me — I’ll share milestones, ask for feedback, and provide notes along the way.

Wrap up

I’ll share final deliverables and provide any additional recommendations for future marketing.