What I’m doing now

Last updated: March 29th 2020

Right now the majority of my time is spent on: building assets to use for my own business and consulting, helping to build out a sales funnel for a cause I believe in, and spending any free time learning Chinese.

Two awesome documentaries I have watched recently and would recommend to anyone:

The need to grow - Following Michael Smith and his 'Green Beast' which could help rebuild the planet's soils.

Fantastic Fungi - Louie Schwartzberg & Paul Stamets mushroom masterpiece.

My current commitments are:

  1. Helping E-comm companies in the health & wellness space make more money through consulting.
  2. Providing marketing strategy & support to eco/green tech companies that inspire me.

Time permitting, I will consider:

  1. Guest on your podcast
  2. Guest posting on your blog
  3. Providing expert quotes

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